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Epi-Swell is one of our most sought after products! With a huge dose of Arachidonic Acid, Epi-Swell activates signals to the body to start building more muscle tissue.


Studies have demonstrated that Arachidonic Acid increases muscle cell inflammation, which helps tear and break down more muscle tissue during training. This may lead to greater strength — and whether your goal is to bulk, lean out, or merely maintain a fit lifestyle, who doesn't want that?


You will also notice Epi-Swell carries a high dosage of Epicatechin; a flavonol found in cacao that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and sought after ingredients in the sports nutrition industry and is widely regarded as the top rated Myostatin inhibiting compound on the market.



When you experience Epi-Swell, you will sense copious amounts of blood being forced into the muscle due to mega doses of Agmatine Sulfate and L-Norvaline. Within days, consumers have reported the following benefits:


    •    Increase Lean Muscle*

    •    Increase Muscle Pumps*

    •    Increase Strength*

    •    Improve Recovery*

    •    Enhance Muscle Breakdown*

    •    Increase Protein Synthesis*

    •    Shatter Stubborn Plateaus*

Nutra Force - Epi Swell (Natural Anabolic)

SKU: 018
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