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Cravings Killer is a 100% natural appetite and cravings suppressant powered by 3 scientifically studied, patented ingredients that will allow you to kill those evil cravings once and for all!


  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract (60% HCA) (Fruit) - 250mg: Can reduce appetite, improve mood by increasing serotonin, and block fat formation. †
  2. InnoSlim (Panax Notoginseng Extract [Root] and Astragalus Membranaceus Extract [Root]) - 125mg: Supports healthy weight loss by reducing excess glucose calorie absorption, suppressing appetite, and increasing fat burning. †
  3. Supresa Saffron Extract (Crocus Sativus) - 88.25mg: Helps reduce sugar cravings by 65%, aid in healthy weight management, and increase serotonin levels naturally. †
  4. Chromax Chromium Picolinate - 100mcg: Promotes healthier carbohydrate metabolism, improves blood sugar metabolism, and improves muscle maintenance during weight loss. †

Alpha Lion - Craving Killer

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