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If you’re looking to add quality lean muscle mass and size while staying lean, the

task at hand can be pretty difficult. It’s a lot of food and it’s a lot of time and

dedication in the gym, and even with that in order, it can be a long process.


The formula behind the product is actually the same as the brand’s original Lean Muscle, but with a slightly lower dosage of one of its eight main ingredients. Everything else in the supplement is exactly the same. it comes with all of the same ingredients as the regular Lean Muscle with one small change. You get the same amounts of GBB, ginseng, the two forms of carnitine, berberine, coleus, and BioPerine, but one third less laxogenin at 150mg per serving as opposed to 225mg.


That is why American Metabolix has developed Lean Muscle, a potent natural lean mass

and growth amplifier that not only helps you gain muscle, but stay lean as possible

in the process.

American Metabolics - Lean Muscle For Her (Natural Anabolic)

SKU: 023
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